11 Must Haves For Your Second Baby

You Don’t Want To Forget

11 Must Haves For Your Second Baby

After your first kid, you think you’ve got this whole caring for another human thing down. The first few months were rough, but now you’re a seasoned pro.

Now you’re suddenly responsible for two littles, both of who want your undivided attention 24/7. It’s exhausting. But there’s one front on which you can be 100% prepared: All the items you need for your second baby.

Car Seat

You may also need to buy an extra infant car seat base in order to have one in both parents’ cars.

Double Stroller

If your older child still uses a stroller you will want to purchase a double stroller so you can get around easier with 2 kids.

Buggy Board

If your first child doesn’t use a stroller anymore, another good option is to buy a buggy boardthat attaches to your current stroller.

 We have so much more to recommend so check out the entire list