15 Awesome Pokemon Gift Ideas For Boys

Some might think it’s silly to buy gifts for Pokemon lovers but let me tell you- every boy would love to receive any one of these awesome presents for their birthday or Christmas!

Jumbo Snorlax Plush

At almost 20 inches, it's big enough to share! This super-soft stuffed animal toy has a sleepy expression that kids just want to hug!

Pokemon Touchscreen Smart Watch

This watch has a built-in touchscreen that makes it easy to use. It also features a selfie camera, voice recorder, stopwatch, alarm, and calculator! The screen displays the time in digital format.

 It can hold up to 400 cards, has a zipper seal, and wristband so it's easy to take with you wherever you go!

Trading Card Binder

The new Pokemon chapter book collection is perfect for encouraging your little one to read more!

Pokemon Chapter  Book Collection

It includes a Pokédex with information about how many there are and where they live, as well as the most helpful tips from trainers.

Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokemon)

Every Pokemon fan needs to have a collection of Pokemon cards to trade! Start them off right with this 100 pack of cards.

100 Assorted Pokemon Cards

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