7 Alphabet Board Games To Teach Preschoolers The ABCs

There are so many different board games to satisfy every kid’s interests and educational needs. If you have preschool aged children, you’ll love these alphabet board games for kids.

Alphabet Island

Watch out for the starfish, crab and shark cards. When you flip one of those over, you’ll have to give one of your discs to another player, the shark or if you’re lucky, you’ll get to take a disc from someone else.

Frida’s Fruit Fiesta

In this fruit alphabet game, kids spin 3 spinners each turn. When the spinners land on letters, the player must search their bingo card for any matches.

Alphabet Marks The Spot

This game by Learning Resources is a fantastic option for a high-energy child who doesn’t like to sit long enough for board games.

Alphabet Bingo

What I like about this game is the use of pictures with the letters. This way, kids will start to learn what items start with each letter.

Super Why! ABC Letter Game

To play, kids take turns spinning the spinner and moving around the board. The space they land on determines what card they will draw and answer.

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