Cooperative Games

7 Fun

For 6 Year Olds

Space Escape

Players work together in Space Escape Game to help the mole-rat get the equipment they need to escape before all the time is gone!

Sloth In a Hurry

Sloth In a Hurry is a game to help get kids up, active, and moving. This is a non-competitive cooperation game that helps build confidence.

Bye Bye Mr. Fox

Bye Bye Mr. Fox helps kids learn strategy and teamwork skills as they work together to help the hen keep their chicks safe from the sneaky fox.


In the game, Heist: One Team One Mission, kids work together as a team to pull off the heist of the century in 5 minutes or less. Can you do it?

Cauldron Quest

In this game, everyone works together to beat the wizard as you make a magical potion that breaks the spell.

Dog Man

It is up to you in Dog Man Attack of the Fleas to save the city. This game is based on the best-selling Dog Man Book Series!

Attack of the Fleas

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