9 Awesome Shape Games For Preschoolers

Learning games are essential for toddler development, especially as they transition into preschool. One of the first learning experiences children get is learning shapes and colors. It’s an important foundation that leads to letters, numbers, and words.

Give your kids or students a head start on learning shapes and building other skills in the process by playing these fun games.

These shape games for preschoolers will help your kiddos learn in a fun and exciting way!

Pete The Cat I Love My Buttons Shape Game

This competitive shape matching game features Pete the Cat. Kids 3 and up can help match Pete’s missing buttons using a spinner and a “cat squeezer”

Osmo Little Genius Pack

Four games in the kit aid children as they exercise their creativity , while also improving fine motor skills, empathy, spatial reasoning, and verbal proficiency.

Crocodile Hop Floor Game

This Crocodile Hop floor game can involve a whole classroom full of kids or one individual player. This is a direction-following game that comes with inflatable cubes which are also really fun to play with.

Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco

Like the Pete the Cat game, this game also uses a squeezer to pick up shapes, only this game is about matching the shapes of food items and is made for kids 4 and up.

Wooden Pattern Block Mats

There are 10 colors to match with 6 shapes and 4 ways to play! Keep kids 4 and up on their toes as they identify colored shapes to make a line. What’s wonderful about this game is that different ages and skill levels can play together, so no one will be left out!

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