Bee Popsicle Stick  Craft For Kids  (Free Template)

Break out the paint brushes and popsicle sticks to make this bee popsicle stick craft that’s as adorable as it is fun.

Kids will transform ordinary supplies into buzzing bees that are sure to bring smiles to their faces.


– Colored cardstock or construction paper – Popsicle sticks – Paintbrush – Yellow Paint – Glue – Scissors – Tape (optional) – Bee template

Start by downloading the bee template and printing it out.

Line up 10 popsicle sticks together. Take 3 additional popsicle sticks, cut them to fit the group of 10 popsicle sticks, and stretch 2 glue dots along each of them.

Grab those popsicle sticks and let the kids paint them with 1-2 thin coats of yellow paint.

Guide your kids in placing the stripes along the main portion of the body, creating that classic bee look.

Take the eyes and show the kids how to carefully glue them above the mouth of our bee.

Swipe up for full tutorial!