Beluga Whale Toilet Paper  Roll Craft

[Free Template]

Lined Circle

Did you know that Beluga whales are one of the most vocal of all whales? Or that they are able to swim backward? Until we started learning about them, we had no idea!

In short, Beluga whales are awesome and kids should know about them. One fun supplemental activity to do after learning all about them is this fun Beluga whale toilet paper roll craft.


– Cardboard tube – Scissors – White and blue cardstock – Tape – Beluga whale template


1. Download the beluga whale template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

2. Take a piece of tape and place it half on, half off one end of the whale body piece. Tape that side to the toilet paper roll.

Terrain Map

3. Next, take another piece of tape and place it on the other end of the whale body piece. Wrap the body around the cardboard tube and tape it in place.

4. Fold each of the flippers along the dashed line, then glue it to the side of the whale body. Repeat for each side.

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