Best Math Board Games 


Find the top math board games for kids that will help children with number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction and more!

There are countless board games for kids that have been specifically created to help reinforce math concepts and develop a love of math.

In this adorably illustrated board game kids ages 5 and older practice adding and subtracting numbers. The objective of the game is to get to the opposite side of the swamp first.

Sum Swamp

The Ladybug Game is a board game for the earliest of kids learning math. This game is rated for ages 3 and up. In the game, players race to get their ladybug from the start position to the home position first.

The Ladybug Game

This Scrabble-like game features number tiles and equation tiles. The simple objective of this game is for a player to use all of the blue number tiles to create a “Pod”as fast as possible

Mobi Math Whale

This math board game is geared towards older children (the box says 10+). In Prime Climb, the objective of the game is to get both of your game pieces to land on the center 101 circle exactly.

Prime Club

We have so many more amazing math games so check out our entire list!