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for 5 year olds

5 year olds love to play games!

They seem to always be asking if we can play a game before bedtime, which is why we love introducing them to some of the best number games for 5 year olds!

In this interactive game, there are three different levels of learning which is perfect because this game grows with your child as they continue to learn.

Frog balance Cool Math Game

Counting Ladybugs focus on numbers 0-10 which is great for emerging 5 year olds to start learning numbers.

Counting Ladybugs

We love that as your child plays with these pops they are strengthening fine motor skills and math counting skills all at the same time.

Smart Snacks Number Pops

It is a fun oversized mat that the kids will love! In this game, your kids practice a variety of math skills like number recognition, addition, and subtraction.

Math Marks the Spot Floor Game

This puzzle focuses on numbers 1-20 and has self-correcting pieces, which means they can only match them with the correct piece to help them learn. This game is perfect for number recognition, counting, matching, and simple math skills.

Melissa & Doug Self correcting number puzzles.

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