Dog Paper Bag Puppet

[Free Template]

Lined Circle

There’s nothing that kids love more than dogs and this dog paper bag puppet craft is a great way to explore their creativity.

This craft is fun, but it’s also good for kids because it helps them develop skills in a variety of ways.

Lined Circle


– Brown paper bag – Colored cardstock or construction paper – Scissors – Glue – Dog template


Download the dog template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

Create the dogs’ head by gluing the face stripe to the top of the head.

Terrain Map

Position the eyes on either side of the strip and glue them right next to the curve of the line.

Next, glue the chin so it’s slightly overhanging the bottom of the dog’s head.

Place the mouth over the bottom of the face stripe and the top of the chin. Glue it in place.

Terrain Map

Take the nose and glue it to the top of the mouth piece.

Make the ears by gluing the inner ears to the outer ears.

Take the completed ears and glue them, one on each side, to the back of the head.

Terrain Map

Now take the completed head and glue it to the flap portion of the brown paper bag.

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