Easy Fluffy Slime Recipe

Learn how to make fluffy slime without borax. It’s a fun slime recipe kids will love playing with.

Fluffy slime is one of the most popular slime recipes you can make!

This version is made without borax and instead uses baking soda and contact lens solution to activate the slime. It also uses shaving cream to give it that ultra fluffy feel.

This slime was the beginning of our easy slime recipes for kids collection. Now we have tons of fun slime ideas for kids, so if you’re looking for more sensory fun, be sure to check it out and save your ideas for later.

Read on or watch the video to see how fun and simple this slime recipe is to make.

What is fluffy slime? You may be wondering what exactly is fluffy slime. Fluffy slime is just what is sounds like; fluffy, stretchy slimes that’s tons of fun to play with. It gets its fluffiness from shaving cream.

Fluffy Slime Notes First of all, you want to make sure you are using shaving cream for this recipe. Shaving gel does not produce the same fluffiness that shaving cream does.

Since you’re not using borax, your contact lens solution must contain boric acid. If it doesn’t it won’t be able to activate the slime, so double check the ingredient list before you purchase any solution.

Elmer’s has also come out with a cool product called Magical Liquid that replaces the baking soda and contact lens solution if you want to use less ingredients and have a more convenient option.

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