Easy  Halloween Sensory Bottle For Kids

There is something very calming about watching glitter and other objects float around in these sensory bottles.


– Sensory Bottle – Halloween Themed Mini   Erasers  – Clear Hair Gel – Neon Purple Food Dye – Black or Purple Glitter  – Water – Small Mixing Bowl – Whisk


1. Add the hair gel and water to a mixing bowl.

2. Add 3 drops neon purple hair gel to the water and gel mixture and mix well until combined.

3. Add as much glitter as you would like to the water & gel mixture. I used just under 1 tablespoon black glitter.

4. Pour the mixture into the sensory bottle and add the Halloween themed mini erasers.

5. Twist the lid on tightly, give the bottle a good shake and see how the mini erasers move around in the mixture. 6. Hot glue the lid onto the bottle if you don’t plan to reuse this bottle

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