Festive Paper Bag Grinch Craft For Kids

To celebrate we’ve created this paper bag Grinch craft for kids. It’s super fun and easy to make. On top of that, there’s no crazy supply list. Just a few common household craft supplies and you’re ready to start.


– Brown paper bag – Colored cardstock or   construction paper – Glue – Scissors – Grinch template 


1. Download the Grinch template, print, and cut out the pieces you'll be using.

2. Assemble the Grinch's face by gluing his eyes right below the eyelashes. Take the completed face and glue it to the paper bag flap.

3. If you printed the eyes on white paper, take a yellow marker and color them in. Glue his eyes in the middle of his face, just above the nose.

4. Take the Santa suit trim and glue it where the neck and suit meet, so you only see the Grinch neck.

5. Make his Santa hat by gluing the trim to the base of the hat. Next glue the pom at the tip of the hat.

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