Paper Plate Forky Craft For Kids  [Free Template]

Do your kids love Toy Story 4? If you answered yes, your kids are going to want to make this easy paper plate Forky!

It’s an extremely simple craft that comes with a free printable template too.


– Paper plates – Colored cardstock (in red and light blue) – White cardstock – Pencil – Crayons – Scissors – Glue stick – Forky template

Download the Forky template, print, and cut out the pieces.

To cut out the spork prongs, cut out along the zig zag template and place it at the top of the paper plate.

Glue Forky’s eyebrows just below or slightly on top of his spork prongs.

Use a pink or red crayon or marker to draw on Forky’s cheeks just below his eyes.

Swipe up for full tutorial!