Koala Coloring Pages


When you think of Australian animals, what are the first ones that come to mind?

For us, it’s kangaroos and koalas! While kangaroos are cool, koalas are so snugly and adorable that they barely beat out the kangaroos.

That’s exactly why we created these printable koala coloring pages for kids

These printable coloring sheets are super simple. Just print out, give to the kids, and let their imagination take the reins!

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We love using coloring pages with the kids because there’s no prepping involved! On top of that, kids get to work on hand eye coordination and creativity!

Koala peeking around tree Koala holding branch Koala hanging off branch Koala sleeping on branch Koala hanging by feet on branch Koala wrapped around tree Koala standing Koala on tree branch

Inside this koala coloring page set, we’ve included 8 different pages the kids are sure to love including: