One of the most fun, easy, and engaging activities you can do is make a frog paper bag puppet craft.

This project will help kids practice cutting skills, following directions, creativity, and fine motor skills.

It’s a win-win situation!

What You Need

Brown Paper Bag Scissors Colored cardstock Glue template

Start by creating the frog’s head by gluing the eyes at the top of the head.

Place the cheeks at the top of the smile and glue them in place

Optionally: Cut out a few small spots from the lighter colored paper and glue them between the eyes.

Take the completed head and glue it to the flap portion of the brown paper bag.

Create the body of the frog by gluing the belly to the main body portion.

Next, glue the legs to the side of the body, on the front.

Finish off the frog by the completed body to the main portion of the brown paper bag.

Don’t you love this cute little frog puppet?!

Don't forget to grab your free template download

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