Glue & Foam Pumpkin Craft For Kids

Halloween time is quickly approaching and we’ve couldn’t be more excited around here! 

When we think about Halloween one of the first things we think about are pumpkins. 

Whether you use pumpkins to decorate your house, carve pumpkins or make pumpkin crafts for kids, there’s no escaping all things pumpkin! 

This week we’re sharing how to make this glue pumpkin craft  with just a few supplies you likely already have lying around the house.

This craft is a cool new way to use white Elmer’s glue and celebrate this spooky holiday! 

Supplies – White Elmer’s Glue – Orange Paint – Mixing Bowl – Pen or pencil – Medium Squeeze Bottle – Black & Brown Craft Foam – Laminating sheet or other clear, plastic sheet – Pumpkin Template

Really the hardest part, especially for kids, is waiting for the pumpkins to dry.