Handprint Cactus DIY Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day is definitely a great reason to sit down and make some handprint art and crafts for kids to give Mom. There’s nothing more sentimental to Moms than their child’s sweet little hands.

Make this cute handprint cactus DIY Mother’s Day card for a sweet memento for Mom or Grandma.

Since they use the child’s handprint to make, they serve double duty as a card and a memento.

Supplies – Colored cardstock – Glue (I like this glue best) – Black marker – Pencil – Mini paper flower embellishments or flower stickers

If you’re planning on doing this craft with a group of kids or in a classroom, you can easily substitute the paper flower embellishments for flower stickers or simply leave them off altogether.

This easy handprint craft is a great keepsake that Mom and Grandma will treasure for years to come.

This cactus DIY Mother’s Day card is a fun activity kids will love making for Mom!

Swipe up now to get the directions for these sweet craft. P.S. Don't forget to open it up and let the kids include a sweet message for mom or grandma!