Handprint Forky Craft For Kids From Toy Story 4

Isn’t Toy Story 4 the greatest?! After seeing it we couldn’t resist combining our love of handprint art & crafts for kids with this little guy to create a simple handprint Forky craft


– White card stock – Googly eyes  – Glue stick – Pencil – Scissors – Markers (red and blue) – Red crayon


1. Take your piece of white card stock and fold it in half. Position the fold line to the left and trace your child’s left hand onto the paper

2. Use the pencil to draw on Forky’s eyebrows and mouth, leaving space for the goggly eyes in between.

3 Use the red marker to color in Forky’s eyebrows.

4. Glue the googly eyes beneath the eyebrow.

5. Fill in Forky’s mouth with the blue marker. 6. Use the red crayon to draw Forky’s cheeks on either side of his mouth.

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