Handprint Pirate Craft

Make this cute handprint pirate craft for kids during summer or anytime you talk about the ocean!

One of our favorite things to do at our house are  handprint crafts for kids.

It’s super simple so read on below to see how to make it with your kids or students!

Supplies – Skin colored card stock – .75″ googly eye – Black card stock – Scissors – Pencil – Glue stick – Kid’s markers – Pirate template (optional)

Download the pirate template and print out on white and black card stock. Cut out the pirate hat, eye patch and skull. Set aside for later.

Trace your child’s handprint onto your skin colored card stock and cut out.

Use the pencil to draw a curved line from one side of the hand to the other at the base of the fingers. Draw another curved line from the edge of the thumb to the opposite side of the hand

The thumb area of the hand is the pirate’s bandana. Color this red or any color you want.

Glue the skull on to the middle of the pirate hat, then glue the pirate hat on top of the bandana.

Glue the one googly eye below the bandana. Next to the goggly eye glue the pirate’s eye patch. Use the black marker to draw the eye patch’s string from the edge of the face to the bandana line (as shown in the pictures).

Use a light pink marker to draw an oval nose for the pirate. Use the black marker to draw a mouth on the pirate.

This little pirate craft is such a fun idea to keep the kids engaged and off the screens over summer!

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