Handprint Reindeer Card For Christmas

[Free Template]

This handprint reindeer card is the perfect Xmas craft for kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary to make and bring home to Mom and Dad!


– Kraft paper – Colored cardstock (in   cream, yellow, dark brown   and red) – Black marker – Small red pom pom (or red   marker) – Glue stick – Handprint reindeer   template (download form   located at the end of the   page)


– .25" circle punch (optional) – Scissors


1. Download the handprint reindeer template, print and cut ou the pieces.

2. Fold a piece of kraft paper in half "hamburger" style and position your child's left hand along the folded end so the pinky lines up with the fold. Trace the handprint and cut out.

3. Position the red reindeer harness just below where the thumb ends and glue in place. Cut off the excess pieces on each side.

4. Place three jingle bells evenly along the harness and glue in place.

5. Use the black marker to draw on the reindeer's hooves.

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