Horse Handprint Craft For Kids

One of the most popular animals on the farm is the horse! Kids and adults alike love horses!

That’s exactly why we made this horse handprint craft. It’s a fun farm animal craft for kids to make that is simple and quick.

Visit a farm or learn about farms, then do this easy activity. It’s not only entertaining, but it also helps children work on fine motor skills, follow directions, and learn to use the right amount of glue.

Watch our quick video tutorial to see how we made this craft or read our step by step directions below.

Download the horse template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

Trace your child’s hand onto a piece of colored paper. Cut the handprint out. Create the horse’s face by gluing the mouth at the bottom of the face. Cut off the excess paper that hangs off the face.

Next, glue the eyes above the mouth piece you glued on in the previous step.

Next, glue the eyes above the Glue the upper part of the mane so it covers the right ear and flows away from the face. Glue the bottom part of the mane on the left side of the face, with the mane flowing down.

Take the ear and glue it in between where the two parts of the mane meet.

Position the handprint with the thumb on the right side. Glue the horse’s completed head on the thumb.

Finish off by gluing the tail on the pinky side of the handprint, on the back.

Your kids are going to love creating this cute horse craft!

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