How To Make Sand Slime Without Borax

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Do your children love the beach? Maybe you don’t live by the ocean, but you want to give your kids a fun sensory experience similar to the beach.

This borax free sand slime is the perfect activity for you! All you need are a few simple supplies to make this fun sensory activity.

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– Elmer's glue – water – baking soda – TBL contact solution (it must contain boric acid) – play/decorative sand


– Mixing bowl – Fork – Spatula – Measuring spoons


1. Pour the bottle of Elmer's glue into the mixing bowl. Add water and baking soda.  Mix well until baking soda is dissolved.

2. Add the play sand to the mixture and mix together.

Terrain Map

3. Pour in 2 tablespoons of contact solution to the bowl and mix well with the fork. Once the mixture begins to stick to itself, use your hands to knead, pull and work it.

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