Easy Mermaid Slime Recipe

4 Ingredients

This easy mermaid slime recipe uses contact solution, baking soda, clear glue, and glitter. It’s perfect for birthday parties or just for fun sensory play!

Making slime is such a fun activity, once you start you’ll never want to stop!

Today we’re sharing how to make this simple mermaid slime with contact solution instead of borax. It only takes 4 ingredients and will entertain your kids for so long you won’t know what to do with yourself

Ingredients: Elmer's clear glue baking soda contact solution extra fine glitter

Follow the instructions and then sit back and enjoy your awesome mermaid slime

All of the extra fine glitter we’ve used in our slime recipes comes from this glitter kit that we bought off Amazon. It’s been really awesome to have so many different choices of glitter right at our fingertips!

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