Ice Cream Cutting  Activity Pages

[Free Printables]

Lined Circle

These free printable ice cream cutting activity pages are perfect for kids. They’re no-prep, so you can just print and go.

These pages are great for fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination.

Lined Circle

Just print them out and let your child try them out with some child-safe scissors.

We’ve included the following activities:

– Cutting lines practice worksheet (2) – Finish the picture ice cream worksheet – Ice Cream counting worksheet

If your child is learning how to use scissors, these ice cream cutting practice pages are a great way to help them improve their fine motor skills.

Terrain Map

Kids can use scissors to cut along the dashed lines, following the lines to the ice cream cone.

As they cut, they’ll develop their control and coordination, and they’ll also get a chance to practice their cutting skills.

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