Knuffle Bunny Book  Craft For Kids  (Free Template)

If you’ve ever read Mo Willems’ book, Knuffle Bunny, you’ll know just how special a stuffed bunny can be to a little girl named Trixie.

Kids can make their own bunny that looks just like Trixie’s when they make this Knuffle Bunny Book Craft.


– Colored cardstock or construction paper – Glue – Scissors – Knuffle bunny template

Start by downloading the Knuffle Bunny template and printing it out.

Let’s get started by taking the eyes and gluing them above the nose/mouthpiece. Help your kids carefully secure them in place.

Now, let’s take the paw pads and glue them to the hands. Help your kids position them just right and stick them in place.

Time to add some special touches to our Knuffle Bunny’s feet! Glue the foot pads to the outer feet of the Knuffle Bunny.

Swipe up for full tutorial!