Merry Christmas Headband Printable


Doing arts and crafts can be a fun experience for adults and kids alike, so grab your little one and try out this Merry Christmas headband! It’s super simple to make too. Just print, color, embellish and you’re ready to wear it.


– White cardstock – Tape – Scissors – Crayons or markers – Embellishments (like   glitter glue, stickers, etc) – Headband template


1. Download the template and print it out on the white cardstock.

2. Use markers, colored pencils, or crayons to color in the headband any way you'd like!

3. Add an embellishments to the headband and let dry if needed.

4. Cut out the headband, then attach a headband extender to each side of the base with tape.

5. Can you believe how easy this activity is? It's perfect for home, school, or daycare!

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