Cute Narwhal Craft  For Kids [Free Template]

If there’s one animal in the world that seems like something out of a little kid’s imagination, it’s the narwhal!

Kids who love silly animals will have tons of fun making this cute narwhal craft for kids.


– Colored card stock (in 3 shades of blue and tan) – White card stock – Scissors – Glue stick (this one works best) – Narwhal template

Download the narwhal template, print and cut out the pieces.

Glue the narwhal’s fin on the right side of the body, slightly below the mouth.

Put glue on the narwhal’s tusk and glue to the backside of the narwhal body.

Take the blue water oval and glue the completed narwhal in the middle of it.

Glue the iceberg to the bottom part of the blue background paper.

Swipe up for full tutorial!