Paper Bag Butterfly Craft For Kids  [Free Template]

This paper bag butterfly craft is great for little kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. It’s the newest addition to our butterfly crafts for kids.

And, like many of our other posts, we’ve included a free printable butterfly template to make it even easier on you to make with the kids!


– Brown paper bag – Colored card stock or construction paper – White card stock – Colorful pipe cleaners – Scissors – Glue stick – Tape (optional) – .25″ circle punch (optional) – Markers (optional) – Butterfly craft template

Download the butterfly craft template, print out and cut out the pieces you’ll need.

Take each of the butterfly’s eyes and glue them to the middle of the head piece.

Use your .25″ circle punch, scissors or markers to make or draw on a small nose underneath the two eyes.

Make the butterfly’s striped body by gluing on the light orange stripes onto the yellow body piece.

Swipe up for full tutorial!