Paper Plate Dog Craft  For Kids

[Free Template]

This simple craft is perfect for kids who are doing a pet unit study, who need a D is for Dog craft, or just for plain ‘ol fun!


– Paper plates – Paint (in gray, black, brown, orange etc.) White cardstock Colored cardstock (pink and black) – Paintbrush – Black marker (optional) – Tape – Dog template


1. Download the dog template, print and cut out the pieces.

2. Paint another paper plate the same shade you did for the face. This second paper plate will be for the dog's ears

3. Glue the eyes on the paper plate

4. Glue the nose between and just slightly below the eyes. Use the black marker to draw on the muzzle and mouth.

5. Create the ears by gluing the pink inner ear to the outer ear. Repeat for both ears.

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