Popsicle Father’s Day Card For Kids  [Free Template]

Kids can get crafty and make sure their dad knows he’s the coolest with our popsicle Father’s Day card.

With this craft, kids will make a popsicle with plenty of room on the inside of the card to write a message like, “You’re the coolest Pop!”


– Colored cardstock or construction paper – Scissors – Glue – Crayons or markers (if using the color in version) – Popsicle template

Download the popsicle template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

Fold the popsicle card base in half along the dashed lines and cut it out, leaving the left side uncut.

Start by gluing the eyes below the eyebrows.

Next, glue the bottom of the popsicle to the bottom of the card base.

Place the popsicle shadows in the middle of the body and glue them in place.

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