Popsicle Stick Baby Yoda Craft 

[Free Template]

If you’re looking for a craft Grogu fans will love, this popsicle stick Baby Yoda craft is perfect.


Mini popsicle sticks – Green paint – Paintbrush – Black marker – Scissors – Glue – Permanent glue dots – Baby Yoda template


1. Download the Baby Yoda template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

2. Line up 7 mini popsicle sticks in a rectangle. Take 3 more mini popsicle sticks and stretch a glue dot on each one.

3. Flip the popsicle stick rectangle over and paint it in 1-2 thin coats of green paint.

4. Take the pink inner ears and glue them to the bottom, outside of the outer ears.

5. Align the ears to the top of the popsicle sticks, along the outside of the rectangle, and glue them in place. 6. Place the eyes in the middle of the head and glue them down.

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