Roll A Reindeer Game For Kids

[Free Printable]

If your kids need more ideas to keep them occupied until the big day, they will love this roll a reindeer game. This game is perfect for kids ages 3-7, but older kids might enjoy it too!


– Pom pom or other colorful   marker – Die – Roll a reindeer printable


Print out the roll a reindeer game for each child who is playing.

Lined Circle

Playing the game is easy! Each child takes a turn rolling the die, then adding a single pom pom to the corresponding spot on the reindeer.

Terrain Map

After they have finished, the die is given to the next child and the gameplay continues.

If a child rolls a number and those spots on the reindeer are full, their turn is over and they must wait for the next round to try again.

The first player to fill their entire reindeer wins!

Lined Circle

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