Santa Paper Plate Craft  For Kids

Today we’re sharing another fun idea with this paper plate Santa craft for kids that will love!


– Paper plate – Popsicle stick – Colored cardstock or construction paper – Pencil – Scissors – Paint – Paintbrushes – Glue – Tape – Santa template


1. Download the Santa template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

Lined Circle

2. Paint the paper plate in a dark blue to look like the night sky. Let the paper plate dry completely before moving on.

Terrain Map

3. Adults only: Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut a horizontal slit in the middle of the paper plate, that is slightly smaller than the width of the chimney.

4. Next, glue the roof to the bottom of the paper plate.

5. Place the chimney on top of the roof, and align the slit to be in the middle of the chimney. Glue the chimney in place.

Lined Circle

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