Snowy Owl Contact Paper Craft For Kids [Free Template]

This snowy owl contact paper craft is one such project that kids will love for its simplicity and cuteness!

This kids’ craft is not only a fun way to talk about winter animals, but kids will love decorating their windows with this suncatcher as well.


– Contact paper – Scissors – Tissue paper squares – Double sided tape – Glue stick – Black permanent marker – Snowy owl template

Download the snowy owl template, print, and cut out the pieces.

Cut out 2 rectangular pieces from the contact paper that are just larger than the snowy owl body outline.

Pull apart the cover paper from one piece of the contact paper, then place a single layer of light gray and white tissue squares on it.

Once you've covered the area, peel the cover paper off the 2nd piece of contact paper then stick it to the first piece so it glues itself together.

Place the snowy owl body onto the contact paper and use a marker to trace the outline.

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