Popsicle Stick St. Patrick’s Day Puppets [Free Template]

If you have kids at home who love to play pretend, these popsicle stick St. Patrick’s day puppets are the perfect activity for them to do!

They’re the latest addition to our St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids and are one of our most simple ever, which means they’re perfect for little children.


– Popsicle sticks (we used jumbo ones) – Tape – Crayons or markers – St. Patrick’s Day puppet template

Download the popsicle stick puppet template and print it out on thick, white paper.

Use the markers to color in all of the puppets.

Cut out each of the items.

Flip each of the puppets over and use tape to secure to a popsicle stick.

That’s it! It’s such a simple activity for young kids!

Swipe up for full tutorial!