The Best Halloween Bingo Cards for Kids

Entertain your kids on Halloween with this fun Halloween bingo printable. These are part of the ultimate printable activities for kids collection. 

Instead of celebrating at the class party and tromping around at the Halloween parade my parents made me stay home.

Now I’m a mom myself so I’m in charge. Which means my family goes all out for Halloween.

Halloween costumes, parties, parades and anything else we can think up to celebrate and have fun!

I don’t have a Halloween costume planned yet, but I did create these kid-friendly Halloween bingo cards to celebrate and I’m sharing them with you.

All you need to do is gather some candy corn markers, print out the bingo cards and put on some spooky music to set the mood!

Before you go out trick or treating this year with your kids, take a second to think of the sad, frizzy haired girl who didn’t celebrate Halloween.