Tissue Paper Turkey Craft For Kids

[Free Template]

We know you want your kids to be happy during Thanksgiving break too, so give them this fun crafting project that will help them get in the holiday spirit!


– Tissue paper squares – White or colored   cardstock or construction   paper – Glue stick – Scissors – Scrap paper – Turkey template


1. Download the turkey template and print it out on white or colored paper.

2. Grab a few different colors of tissue paper squares. Scrunch up a piece of tissue paper and glue it to the feathers.

3. Optional: To make the turkey look 3D, cut 2 small rectangles from a piece of scrap paper. Fold them accordion style and glue them to to the back of the turkey.

4. Place glue on the opposite side of the rectangles you just secured to the turkey and then glue the turkey to the middle of the template.

Don’t you love how colorful this craft is?! It’s a cheery Thanksgiving craft for preschoolers that’s simple to create!

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