Turkey  Headband Craft For Kids

[FREE Template]

This turkey headband craft is a perfect way to build new family memories, craft, and get in the Thanksgiving spirit.


– Colored cardstock or   construction paper – Scissors – Glue stick – Tape – Crayons or markers (if using the coloring version) – Turkey headband    template (download form    located at the end of this    post)


1. Download the turkey template, print and cut out the pieces.

2. Glue the eyes in the center of the turkey's head. Glue the turkey's beak just below the eyes.

3. Place the snood just above the beak and glue in place.

4. Assemble the turkey feathers by fanning them out and gluing or taping them together.

5. Add the headband extenders to the headband base by taping them together, then form a circle and tape the ends together to finish the headband.

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