Turtle Headband Craft For Kids

Lined Circle

[Free Template]

The relationship between kids and pets can be a mutually beneficial one, teaching kids responsibility while providing companionship for the pet. One less common, but just as fun pet is a turtle!

Lined Circle

If your kids love turtles, they’ll love creating this turtle headband craft. It’s super easy to make, but kids will feel like they’re making something special.


– Colored cardstock or construction paper – Scissors – Glue stick – Turtle template


1. Download the turtle template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.

2. Begin to make the turtle's head by gluing the eyes just above and outside the mouth.

Terrain Map

3. Place the cheeks just below the eyes and glue them in place.

4. Finish off the head by gluing the spots to the top of the head, in between the eyes.

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