Winter Cardinal Handprint Craft

Since winter is right around the corner, we decided to create a new winter themed handprint craft. This cardinal handprint craft is the perfect winter craft for kids of all ages!

Recently, we’ve really dived headfirst into handprint art and crafts for kids. Once we did our first handprint craft, we were hooked.

The kids love seeing their hands transform into fun characters and parents enjoy watching them use their creativity and imagination to make the crafts.

This handprint craft is not only fun but also gives them an opportunity to work on things like proper pencil grasp, cutting practice, following directions and more!

Cardinal Hand Print Supplies Colored cardstock or paper   (in red, black, white, yellow,   brown and light blue) – Scissors – Cotton balls – Glue stick (I like this type   best when using cardstock) – Googly eyes (optional) 1″ and .5″ circle punch (.    optional; you can also   freehand with scissors) Standard hole punch   (optional)

Benefits Of This Craft Sometimes as parents we just think we’re having fun with our kids when we craft. Of course, we totally are but there’s actually lots of benefits besides memory building!

When kids work on this craft they’re getting tons of cutting practice and fine motor skills. Every piece of the bird and the tree requires kids to strengthen the muscles in their hand and work with precision.

Simplifying This Craft If you’re doing this craft with a large group of kids or with very young children, there are a few ways to simplify the craft.

You can completely eliminate the second handprint. We personally love the way the second handprint makes the double bird wings, but you can also just leave it off and it will still look cute.

You can remove the card stock legs and tree. Instead, you can draw them on with crayons or markers, or simply make the handprint bird without a background.