Yarn Wrapped Reindeer Craft For Kids

[Free Template]

It’s a simple reindeer craft for kids that’s not only fun but also works on fine motor skills! It’s great for the little ones who like to be busy doing something.


– Thin cardboard from a    cereal or tissue box – Brown yarn – Tape – Scissors – Glue – Colored cardstock or    construction paper – Permanent glue dots  (optional, but recommended) – Giant 2" pom pom (optional) – Paint (optional) – Paintbrush – Reindeer template


1. Download the reindeer template, print and cut out the pieces you need.

2. Use the template to trace the reindeer head onto the thin cardboard. Use scissors to cut it out.

3. Paint the cardboard in a thin coat of brown paint. Let dry completely before moving on. You can skip this step if you plan to wrap the entire piece of cardboard in yarn.

4. Tape one end of your yarn onto the backside of the reindeer's head. Wrap the yarn around as many times as you'd like

5.Glue the reindeer nose to the muzzle, then glue it to the lower portion of the wrapped reindeer head.

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