Zebra  Paper Bag Puppet Craft  For Kids

[Free Template]

There are ways to bring the zoo home or into your classroom and give children a chance to explore and learn about animals. One way is with this zebra paper bag puppet craft that makes for a great hands-on project with preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary-age children.


– Brown paper bag – Colored cardstock or     construction paper – Scissors – Glue – Zebra Template


1. Download the zebra template, print, and cut the pieces out.

2. Begin by making the zebra's head. Take the eyes and glue them in the middle of the head.

3. Glue the nose and mouth so it's slightly overlapping the bottom of the eyes.

4. Use a black marker to draw on the zebra's face stripes. Alternatively, glue on the stripes. Trim off any excess paper that hangs off the sides.

5. Next, glue the pink inner ears to the white outer ears. 6. Finish off the head by gluing the hair to the back and middle of the head.

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