Bat Popsicle Stick Craft For Kids  [Free Template]

This bat popsicle stick craft will be such a hit with them. They’ll have so much pride seeing what they made after they’re done.

Just grab a few supplies from your craft closet and create an adorable little Halloween bat.


– Mini popsicle sticks – Regular sized popsicle sticks – Paint – Paintbrush – Colored cardstock – Scissors – Glue sticks – Bat template

Download the bat template, print, and cut out the pieces you need.


Cut a popsicle stick in half with the scissors. Line up 5 mini popsicle sticks evenly. 


Paint the popsicle sticks in 1-2 thin coats of black paint. Let it dry completely.


Position the popsicle sticks so they're facing up and down. Take the ears and glue them to the top corners of the popsicle sticks.


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