Campfire Art Project For Kids

[Free Template]

Lined Circle

When summer is in full swing, many families across the US love to go camping!

Whether you’re a camping family or not, we think your kids are going to love this campfire art project for kids.


– Watercolor paper or      white art paper – Liquid watercolors – Paintbrush – Scissors – Glue – Campfire template


1. Download the campfire template and print it out on watercolor or art paper.

2. Use liquid watercolors to paint all the campfire pieces. If you don’t have a brown liquid watercolor, you can make it by mixing red, yellow, and blue.

Terrain Map

3. Take a plain piece of watercolor or art paper and paint the background.

4. Once both papers are completely dry, cut out the pieces and assemble them together onto the background page.

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