Paper Plate  Cow Craft

If you’re searching for a fun and cute farm themed craft for kids, this paper plate cow craft is perfect!

It’s a simple kids’ craft that only uses common household craft supplies like paint, paper, glue, and disposable paper plates.


– Paper plates – Black paint – Colored card stock (in pink and tan) – Markers – Glue stick – Scissors – Tape – Cow template

Download the free cow template, print and cut out the pieces.

Paint some wavy black spots on the white paper plate. These will be the cow’s spots.

While the paper plate is drying, finish the cow’s nose by drawing the nostrils and mouth on the pink oval.

Take the eyes and glue them to the top, middle of the paper plate. Place the completed nose beneath the eyes and glue down.

Place the ear behind the horn and glue together.

Swipe up for full tutorial!