Cute Tiger Handmade Valentine Card

[Free Template]

Today, we’re making a cute Tiger valentine card craft that’s simple enough for elementary-aged kids to make by themselves.


– Colored cardstock – Glue – Black marker – Scissors – Tiger template


1. Print out all of the tiger card template pieces on the corresponding colored cardstock.

Lined Circle

2. To make the base of the card, fold the orange paper in half along the top part of the tiger head. Cut along the tiger's head except at the top part where the fold is.

Terrain Map

3. Cut out the dark orange tiger piece and glue it on the top, middle of the card.

4. Cut out the mouth area and glue on to the bottom middle of the card, on top of the dark orange tiger piece.

5. Glue the heart nose so it's overlapping the dark orange tiger piece and the mouth area.

Lined Circle

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