Dad Will Love This Free Printable Star Wars Card For Father’s Day

Are you and your kids Star Wars fanatics? Do they love all the characters, including the droids?

Are you wondering what kind of card to get Dad for Father’s Day? If so, this free printable Star Wars card for Father’s Day is the perfect homemade card to give to Dad!


– White cardstock – Brad – Scissors – Small Hole Punch – Crayons or Markers (we used these oil pastels) – BB-8 Printable

Download the BB-8 template and print it on thick white cardstock.

If you’re using the full-color version, have your child color in BB-8 and sign his or her name inside the card.

Cut out all three pieces.

Use a small hole punch to make a hole in the bottom, middle circle of BB-8’s head as shown in the pictures.

Line up the other two body pieces then place BB-8’s head on top of the body and mark the spot where the head hole is with a pen.

Swipe up for full tutorial!