Easy Fish Painting  For Kids

Lined Circle

If your children love the ocean and learning about the animals that live there, they’re going to love this easy art project. 


– White art paper or    watercolor paper  – Liquid watercolors (or   regular watercolor paint) – Googly eye (we used .5" eyes)  – Glue stick – Black marker – Beta fish art template



– Paint brush  – Circle punches (we used .5", 1"   & 1.5" punches)  – Scissors


1. Print out the beta fish art template on the white art paper.

2. Paint the beta fish in any shade of liquid watercolors that you want. Let dry then cut out and set aside.

Terrain Map

3. Paint the seagrass in varying shades of green. Let dry then cut out and set aside.

4. Paint the seashells in your choice of colors then let dry. Cut out and set aside.

5. To make the ocean watercolor backdrop, paint your art paper with the liquid watercolor in shades of blue, green and hints of yellow

Lined Circle

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