Easy & Fun Handprint Crab Craft For Kids

Lined Circle

This handprint crab craft is perfect for kids of all ages.

Kids will love creating this craft and they’ll be proud to display it when they’re finished. Make it this summertime!

Lined Circle


– Red card stock – White card stock – Large goggly eyes (we    used 1" eyes) – Black marker – Scissors – Pencil – Glue stick – 2" circle punch (optional)


1. Trace your child's hand on the red card stock two times. Cut out each handprint.

2. Using the white card stock, draw a crescent shape for the crab's smile. Use the black marker to draw a smile line across the white crescent.

Terrain Map

3. Cut out two 2" circle with the scissors or circle punch. Cut out a small triangle shape from the circle to create the crab claws.

4. Begin to assemble the crab by positioning the two handprints with thumbs pointed up and fingers pointed outward.

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